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Pinterest messaging

You may or may not know it by now, but Pinterest recently launched a seemingly long-awaited messaging feature . “Long-awaited” in the regard that this comes almost a year after the release of their “send a pin” ‘feature. Soon after, Pinterest realized that users did not have many options after receiving a pin – they could either repin, like, or comment on it, and then take the conversation offline afterwards. The users weren’t enabled to stay engaged on Pinterest.

The idea behind the messaging feature is to allows users to have dynamic and meaningful conversations on pins they share with others. Some quick use cases:

The list goes on and on.

From a Product perspective, Pinterest gains quite a few substantial benefits. By having this messaging feature, Pinterest enables users to stay engaged on their platform (as opposed to moving offline). Increased time on site = increased number of pins = more engaged users.

Ultimately, Pinterest’s business model comes down to users discovering the things they want. If they can develop methods to keep a user engaged longer – by allowing the ability to have conversations over their discoveries with others on their platform – they effectively increase the potency of their business model.

You can ask yourself a variety questions when trying to understand user engagement for your own products: